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Catch the thrill of the newest educational fitness program for children that addresses childhood obesity, focusing on both physical activity and nutrition!

The bSAFE bFIT! Program for kids

Creative title:  
                  "bsafe": "b"body Composition, "S"Strength, "A"Aerobic Fitness,                       "F"Flexibility, "E"Endurance
Helps children remember the five health-related physical fitness components!

  • One resource--connecting both physical and nutrition education
  • Active learning--excites children to be physically active while engaged in physical and nutrition education; linking schools, families, and the community.
  • A perfect fit for meeting the goals of the School Wellness Policy
  • Innovative learning strategies--includes portions of the physical and nutrition education curriculums which are based on the five components of health-related physical fitness.
  • Fun food characters illustrating physical activity
  • Early education (ages 2 through 12)
  • Just 5 to 10 minutes--concern for time is acknowledged providing learning strategies that are short and to the point
  • Turn-key lessons that are easy to implement allowing for cross-curricular education
  • A combination of researched-based information using reputable resources

Childhood obesity has become a national concern.  Overweight children are experiencing physical and emotional ramifications that were rare years ago.  The public has been saturated with statistics and strategies for resolving the problem--it is now time to take action.  The need is clear--execute strategies (less talk, more action)!

Two key culprits have been identified as to reasons why childhood obesity is on the rise--lack of physical activity and poor nutrition.  We can't change these behaviors unless we teach children how to make better choices.  Physical education alone does not guarantee physical wellness.  Nutrition education alone does not guarantee physical wellness.  Learning theorists recommend connecting both physical and nutrition education together so children can relate them and better retain presented information.  Therefore, the second need involves providing resources that focus on both pkidshysical and nutrition education--one resource teaching both concepts.

Schools, families, and the community are being viewed as avenues for this undertaking.  This is evident in the recent passing of legislation requiring school districts who participate in the National School Lunch Program to develop a School Wellness Policy.

In addition, research conveys that children who participate regularly in physical activity and make good food choices have an increase in academic achievement.  Therefore, physical and nutrition education is vital to truly impact all aspects of wellness.

bSAFE bFIT! meets both needs by offering active learning--excite children to be physically active while engaged in physical and nutrition education; linking schools, families, and the community.  The end result is an improvement of children's fitness levels, knowledge, attitudes, and habits; thus, decreasing the incidence of childhood obesity and optimizing academic achievement.

bSAFE bFIT! utilizes innovative strategies including portions of the physical and nutrition education curriculum that focus on the five health-related physical fitness (body composition, strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, and endurance).  Fun food characters are introduced that illustrate physical activity (addressing both physical and nutrition education with one character)!  For example, the Watermelon Jack, known as the jumping jack, represents the Fruit Group and the aerobic component of fitness--children are moving while learning.

Experts claim that early education is the key to developing healthy habits and lifestyle choices before unhealthy habits are formed. 

bSAFE bFIT! acknowledges the concern for time by providing learning strategies that are kept short and to the point--not adding to an already crammed schedule.  Each can be completed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning or end of the day, during an activity break, before or after school programs, etc.; yet, impact a child's wellness for a lifetime.  Turn-key lessons are easy to implement allowing for cross-curricular education.

All-in-one educational fitness curriculum that meets the goals of your School Wellness Policy!

Families:  An educational fitness program you can use at home!

Community Members: Easy to implement!

The bSAFE bFIT! Program provides five educational tools that have been sampled in the elementary classrooms. Therefore, actual feedback from students was a major influence.
     1. Five 18 x 24 Colorful Posters
     2. bSAFE bFIT! Manual with Lesson Plans
     3. Fitness Pal Activity Cards
     4. Move n' with Fitness Pals CD
     5. bSAFE bFIT! Instructor DVD

The educational fitness program uses a combination of researched-based information from reputable resources, including:

         National Association for Sport and Physical Education, NASPE

         United States Department of Agriculture MyPyramid for kids, USDA

         American Cancer Society, ACS

         CDC�s Division of Adolescent School Health, DASH

         Caine Learning Institute


Content standards are based on:

         National Standards for Physical education, NASPE

         National Health Education Standards, ACS


Learning Principles:

         Twelve Brain/Mind Learning Principles, Caine Learning Institute



Learning Strategies align with:

         Coordinated School Health Program�Eight Component Model, CDC�s DASH

         Guidelines for School and Community Programs to Promote Lifelong Physical Activity Among Young People�ten recommendations, CDC�s DASH

         Guidelines for School Health Programs to Promote Lifelong Healthy Eating�seven recommendations, CDC�s DASH


 The bSAFE bFIT! Program for Kids is rated excellent by Action for Healthy Kids!

bSAFE bFIT! has joined with Striker Sports to provide the innovative educational fitness program to you through your favorite catalog!  Go to and order your bSAFE bFIT! educational tools today!  You may also download FREE newsletters that communicate physical activity and nutrition information to families and community members at

Let's be safe and be fit!


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